Floating down the Ganges


Vishnu Pose/ Anantasana

Imagine reclining on the back of Ananta Shesha, a super friendly but also fearsome serpent. This is no run of the mill snake, this is Nagaraja, King of all Naga, primordial creation, great snakes. A deity in its own right, after all it is one of them main transport/servant of the great Vishnu, but Ananta Shesha is also a manifestation of Vishnu. He has taken human form, avatars, as Laskhmana, brother of King Rama, and Balarama, brother of Krishna.

Snakes of the worlds give a collect sigh, as even king cobras can compete with this resume.

easter snake

Back to the asana, Vishuna rests as Ananta Shesha takes him on this back. I particularly love this asana because it truly reminds us that in yoga we have must two qualities in our breath, body and mind: Sthira- steady- you are ananta, endless, you will be here even at the end of kalpa, destruction of the world, floating through an ever changing universe. Sukham- comfortable, you are carrying Vishnua, you have to be supple and navigate with ease as to not disturb the guy in charge of preserving and protecting creation.

Yoga Sutras 2.46: Sthiram Sukham Asanam. Asana, and yoga in general, should come with steadiness and ease.

This specific variation is just for funsies. It’s fun to challenge our strength and balance. Besides, it reminds me of vegan pretzels and those are delicious.





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