One-Legged Flight


Eka Pada Koundinyansana II.


Back to Koundinya, on his third and final iteration. I know, I know, I skipped EKPKI, but it’s coming, this why you gotta click the little “Follow” button ;P

Koundinya was actually one of Buddha’s personal guides/sages. Buddha left his worldly possessions and essentially moved to the forest and became an ascetic.

I am not talking about this:


He was the real deal, meditating for hours on end, living with very limited food and water. Although if I am perfectly honest, that tree house has my name on it.

Eventually the Buddha realized his path was elsewhere and left Koundinya.

This one is one of my personal favorite asanas, it makes me feel like an amazing flying ninja, probably the closest I’ll ever get to living my dream. If you need to know anything about me is that I would love to somehow, someway, be an amazing martial artists/ninja/next Bruce Lee.

To Koundinya! for giving us different ways to defy gravity.





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