Bend, Twist and Hold


Trikonasana- Triangle Pose. A seemingly ubiquitous yoga pose. Widely used through almost, if not all, styles and modalities of yoga.

The triangle is a beautiful geometric shape often used to represent the power of three, as well as change. In Christianity they have the holy trinity.

In Hinduism, the power of three is very important, some scholars believe the holy trinity and the story of creation itself, has been borrowed from the beautiful Vedas.

In the Vedas,  the Trimurti (trinity of Supreme Divinity) is described as having a creator- Brahma, a preserver- Vishnu and a destroyer- Shiva. This is not only the divine trinity, but also the cycle of Life (coincidentally- this is also the cycle of eternal suffering- Samsara, death and rebirth and all material life is bound to it).

From a physical perspective, the triangle requires a fair amount of change to our body. We must be able to extend to one specific side in order to deeply side bend, the heart and intercostal muscles  must be facing toward the sky, our legs deeply rooted to the earth and our back ever so lightly leaning against the center line, in order to maintain the torso and hip bones in the same plane of alignment. This pose wants you to bend, twist (to a small degree) and hold all while keeping perfect unabiding bliss and tranquility of mind.

Oh yoga, you require so much of our bodies, but even more of our minds. Triangle pose, I love you, some days I hate you, for a few seconds I may even despise you but the end of my practice I am glad you exist.


p.s. I cut my hair 🙂


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