Flying High


Dwii Pada Koundinyasana/ Koundinyasana

Have you ever predicted the weather? (without looking at your phone). It’s just one of those things we can sort of tell if it’s going to rain because it starts to smell like damp earth (and the clouds look like really angry and menacing prune ice cream). Or you were right about the latest X-Men movie being a total flop.

Well, in the good ole days of magical India you had this incredibly brilliant and intuitive sage named Koundinya. He was a royal court scholar and he accurately predicted that the new born prince, Siddartha Guatama, will become the enlighten one, Buddha. We all know what happened with Buddha and his liberation, the rest is history as they say. And history that has been thoroughly digested and regurgitated into memes like this:


Back to Koundinya, because after all, this is about Yoga not the Middle Way (for all the Buddhist in the house!). There are 2 other asanas dedicated to him, we shall explore those later. What is so fascinating about them is that even though they look like they would need a significant amount of upper body strength, they are actually, as most arm balances tend to be, about striking balance, sattva, between effort and ease. (psst, look at my face of total ease, lol, still trying to somehow smile while doing asana, as opposed to my usual reaction which is a semi-resting bitch-face).


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